A look at Augusta's past



Cecil Varner traveled around 25 miles on horseback in a few days’ time rounding up cattle for market and loading them at Haverhill. The cattle went to a stockman in Iowa, who had purchased the Varner cattle.

A rattlesnake that had been seen a lot at the golf course had been killed and its rattles were on display.

The Davis orchard near Atlanta reported over 50 trees producing well. One tree had five bushels of fruit and 1,000 bushels were expected to be harvested from the orchard.



A new law had just gone into effect; for the first time in history Native Americans could legally sit in taverns and drink beer and patronize liquor stores.

Winifred Ketch, Augusta High School teacher, had received her masters degree in business administration at the University of Denver in Colo.

AHS band director Max Hendrickson was seeking more band students for the high school band. Enrollment was at 35 students.



The new priest at St. James Catholic Church, Father James Shaughnessy, spoke five languages fluently.

Because of numerous complaints, the Board of Education changed the new shorter lunch period of 45 minutes to 50 minutes instead.

The high school pep rally, which included the long tradition of street painting on Clark St., was the prelude to the opening football game against El Dorado.



The Augusta Junior High cheerleaders were: Susie Raper, Debbie Markley, Nancy Grooms, Darla Williamson, Penny Buell, Robinn Scholfield, Sandy Maddox, and Jennifer Haskins.

There was a strong concern about the AHS football team when Ron Pressnell broke his leg in the game against Goddard. He would be out the remainder of the 1973 season. The loss of Pressnell put the Oriole punting game in limbo.

Mike Todd of Augusta was a starter on the Ottawa University football team for the season. He was a 1973 AHS graduate.



For the first time since he had been coaching in Augusta, Roger Bennett’s team gave up their second consecutive 300-yard game, as the Orioles fell to Goddard 35-6.

The Board of Education inspected all the district buildings and found leaking roofs at the junior and senior high schools. The main area for roof damage at the junior high was over the band room. Almost 30 leaks had been found at the high school.

The kids at the local Assembly of God church enjoyed feasting on a 6-ft. banana split put together by the women of the church.



Doug Wilson was the new principal at Augusta High School.

Local historian and author Burl Allison, Jr., was signing copies of his new book, “Augusta, Kansas 1968-1990.” The book was released just ahead of the town’s 125th anniversary celebration.

The Wellington High School football team pounded the Orioles 42-0. One of Wellington’s goals was to contain Augusta running back Jerod Cantu. The Augusta senior finished the game with 12 carries and 17 yards.



The owners of LakePoint, Warner Harrison and Kevin Unrein, had announced the purchase of the former Augusta hospital building. Plans were unknown.

An overnight storm dumped more than 2 inches on Augusta and the area was under a flash flood watch.

Two days later, 4.5 inches fell in a 24 hour period. There were reports of stalled vehicles and some basement flooding around town.