Resident Stan Taylor helps keeps the lake area looking good.

Stan Taylor doesn't seek notoriety or publicity, but a few Augusta residents want others to know about his acts of kindness.

The 73-year-old, who has lived in Augusta his entire life, except for two years in Washington State after the Mobil refinery closed, is quick to explain that he loves his hometown, including the City Lake, where he has fished since childhood.

Every morning he can be found with his weed eater, clippers and pruning shears cleaning the shoreline around the Augusta lake. His dedication began with his daily two-mile walks with his wife Cleota.

"The walks are good for us. I started thinking about cleaning up around the lake because in about three years, we're going to be fishing again. Young people and their families will want to be fishing this lake, too...I realize our city works on a tight budget. But I do it for me as much as for anyone else. It's good exercise and it keeps me busy," he said with an easy smile.

He retired from Frontier Oil and enjoys keeping busy each morning. He likes to stop around noon as to avoid the hot part of the day.

"The lake is a good asset for Augusta. I'm happy with our City Parks Department. They do a great job and I'm really pleased that they've had a biologist here checking out the lake," he said.

Taylor explained that although the lake has a carp population, the city council is wise in their plans to add predatory fish, which will help in ridding the lake of carp. The move won't guarantee success, but the efforts will certainly help.

"I love this lake and I'm looking forward to fishing again and seeing others out here. I just feel the need to get a head start on making it nice for all of us."