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  • Using our ‘right’ brain for creative thinking

  • The society we live in has become so complex where old solutions and processes don’t pack the punch they used to in solving the tough, complex issues we face.
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  • The society we live in has become so complex where old solutions and processes don’t pack the punch they used to in solving the tough, complex issues we face.  Change is hard and thinking in a different way to solve those complex issues will be tough.  Ms. Rosabeth Kanter, who wrote The Change Masters suggests that the first solution will not solve the problem, nor the second, third or even the fourth.  It may be the fifth, sixth or seventh solution before we begin to find one that could work for the issue.  We need to become more creative in our thinking, become more inventive in our processes to find these solutions.  The important thing is not give up, taking your toys and going home when the first three or four ideas do not work.
    The terms “right brain” and “left brain” came from Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Roger Sperry.  According to Professor Sperry, the “left brain” processes analytical and logical thinking while the “right brain” processes the big picture and imaginative thinking.  Are we using the right brain enough while we work on the tough issues we face?
    On a personal level, I am a right brain thinker.  I believe I have creative thoughts and ideas and sometimes do not always think about the analytical side of things.  As I work with Leadership Butler, my thinking changes to the left brain quite often.  Our organization has to provide data and statistics to our funders, sponsors and prospects in order to encourage participation and there isn’t always room for the creative thoughts and ideas because the logical processes become more important.  My “right brain” doesn’t always get the work-out it should in order to keep everything fresh and creative.  Are we getting caught up in thinking from the left brain to prove our validity and substance and use our right brain less?
    Here are some ideas to exercise your “right brain” – to jump start your imagination.  Try these things before you go into a meeting and pay attention to your participation.  Did you change how you respond, how you interact, or share ideas?
    Think about something else
    Talk to yourself
    Talk to animals
    Look at the BIG picture
    Look to nature for inspiration
    Be playful
    Look at the world through a child’s eyes
    The first rule of imagination:  there are no rules
    If you can imagine it; you can do it
    Believe in yourself
    Never say never
    Imagine the possibilities
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    Thinking creatively from the right brain leads to broaden perspectives and expanded thought.  It can be developed and encouraged by changing the way things have always been done.  By creating an environment that encourages and setting expectations for creative thought, people can expand their problem solving skills.
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