Augusta Safety Officers are finally getting close to a resolution on a case that was initially investigated last year.

Unfortunately for police officers, cases in real life aren’t resolved in an hour like they are on television.

Augusta Safety Officers are finally getting close to a resolution on a case that was initially investigated last year.

There were several problems along Euclid St. in Augusta last year and residents suspected drug activity.

The residents formed a Neighborhood Watch and the police increased patrol in the area. A drug investigation that was spawned by these extra patrols is finally coming to trial thanks to a Federal Grand Jury.

In December of last year, officers were working a case involving the suspicion of drug sales at a home on Dearborn. The search warrant issued in that case revealed evidence in a more serious federal charge.

Dustin Blackston, Shannon Pickett and Rachael Aguirre were all recently indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on firearm possession charges.

According to Sgt. Chad McCluskey, after the evidence was uncovered in the drug and firearm case, Sedgwick County officers arrested Aguirre and Blackston on drug possession charges.

According to the indictment from the Grand Jury, the three suspects will face federal gun possession charges. Pickett, 35, and Blackston, 25, are both convicted felons which makes firearm possession illegal. Blackston has felony convictions based on a July 2010 case in Oklahoma where he was found guilty of possessing several illegal drugs and paraphernalia and stolen property including a credit card belonging to someone else. He also has other felony convictions in Oklahoma and Kansas convictions for felony theft.

Pickett has been convicted of drug possession and intent to sell and also obstruction of justice in Kansas.

Aguirre is charged under the law that bans firearm possession for unlawful users of controlled substances.

The guns found in the investigation include:

• A Taurus, model PT111 Millennium Pro, 9 millimeter pistol.

• A Harington and Richardson, model 929, .22 caliber revolver

• A Colt, model Police Positive, .38 caliber revolver, and

If convicted, these firearms and related ammunition would all be forfeited in addition to the jail sentences the defendants would face.

Blackston and Aguirre have been jailed in this case and are set for a pretrial status conference on Oct. 21, 2013 and a jury trial on Oct. 29.

Pickett has eluded arrest since the investigation began.

Authorities believe she may have recently given birth, possibly in another state. Charges are still pending against her.

If anyone has information about where officers could find Pickett, they are encouraged to call the Augusta Crime Stoppers line at 316-775-0055.