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  • County Commission discusses hiring new legal counsel

  • With the retirement of Norman Manley, the Butler County Commission is forced to enter into a new contract with new counsel for the county.
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  • With the retirement of Norman Manley, the Butler County Commission is forced to enter into a new contract with new counsel for the county. The commission was given the opportunity to either grant a successor for Manley or to open for bids and conduct interviews.
    “I recommend setting up a committee,” said County Administrator Will Johnson. “Compile a short list of RFPs. The committee can do interviews and then give recommendations to the board as a whole.”
    “I’m supportive for going out for bids,” said Commissioner Peggy Palmer. “Let’s let the citizens know that we’re going to go this route and see who is interested.”
    The focus soon became whether the bids should be opened to all of Butler County or just to El Dorado.
    “If we’re going to do this, we should narrow this down just to the attorneys in El Dorado,” commented Commissioner Mike Wheeler.
    “I think at this point we should go ahead and have it be opened throughout Butler County for those eligible to apply,” said Commissioner Ed Myers.
    “This is not something we want to rush into,” said Commissioner Dan Woydziak. “I think we should further discus this.”
    The commission tabled the discussion for further review at a later date.
    In other business, Janice Powers, the administrator of the Butler County Health Department, requested permission to travel out of state in order to attend the Project Public Health Ready review board for the fall.
    “I’ve been doing this for several years,” said Powers. “I tend to limit myself to once a year, but I did attend last year in Washington.”
    The commission, after a little discussion, moved to approve the request and the motion was carried 5-0.
    Another topic addressed at the meeting was regarding the Butler County Jail.
    Powers gave some information on an ongoing case with an inmate.
    The inmate tested positive for tuberculosis (TB) and has been placed in a negative air isolation in the jail upon the discovery. The inmate was from a federal marshal.
    The Butler County Health Department is working with the jail in order to determine the extent of the exposure.
    “This person has obviously been going through the system and we are working to get in touch with those contacts to do some testing,” explained Powers. “Sometimes diseases takes a while to manifest.”
    For now, the inmate remains in isolation and testing is being done in order to ensure the safety of those in and around the jail.
    The commission also:
    Page 2 of 2 - • approved the FY2014 Kansas Department of Corrections Carryover Reimbursed Budget and the FY2013 year end KDOC Report.
    • approved the renewal of the yearly software maintenance wish ESRI in the amount of $13,000.
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