School started on Thursday.

So you may have heard: school started on Thursday. For some of you Monday, others of you Wednesday, others still are lucky ducks and have put school behind you for good, but for me and my house, school started on Thursday.

I am happy to report that our list of Super Fun Summer Activities that G, Little Missy and I so diligently made is mostly complete. Mostly. We ran into some hiccups, those being times for admittance did not coincide with our family’s availability at two places (Great Plains Train Museum, Roller City), so those fun activities will be accomplished and fun will be had sometime in the fall. We also have to make bread (???). A request from my son. I think I now have all the necessary ingredients to make gluten free bread in the bread machine. Woop woop.

However, we did find time to go out for ice cream, have friends over, swim (LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE in chilly weather at their back-to-school party) and our first-ever trip to Tanganyika.

Mostly: mission accomplished.

Now for my confession: I am not totally sad the kids are back in school. I was totally sad as I wrote my column two weeks ago, but confronting the fact that school was about to start made me tick off items on that list, and knowing they were able to finish tasks that THEY wanted to complete makes me happy.

Also, sitting in the dining room on Wednesday and hearing the sweet sounds of their squabbling coming from the other room may have made me ready to send them off for a few hours each day.

They were ready to go back, too. They each have great teachers this year (not to imply we haven’t loved every other teacher at Lincoln because we’ve been most definitely blessed by each of their teachers, but this year both kids have teachers with whom we already have relationships, so that makes it super fun for them and me), sweet friends in their classes, and it was time to change it up.

Looking back over the summer, I think what made it so tiring for me is that I let my day be ruled by them. Which is how I wanted it. I only had them home with me for three months, so I’m glad that they dictated the schedule of when they woke up and when they ate and when they played with friends and when we ran around town.

But now I’m ready for my schedule of seeing my friends again and running at the Y and eating lunch at my convenience. I only have to kowtow to a certain Baby Chickadee during the day, and she’s mostly compliant to whims of play.

Now if only school lasted three months instead of nine, I wouldn’t be totally sad that they’re in school come fall. By then I’ll want them back home with me.

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