Butler fall classes start Monday, August 19.

Butler Community College faculty returned to work Monday, August 12 for in-service days. Director of Faculty Development Mark Jarvis and his team brought Dr. John Roueche, president of Rouceche Graduate Center at National American University. Roueche joined National American University after retiring from his position as director of the Community College Leadership Program and Sid W. Richardson Regents Chair at the University of Texas at Austin.

Roueche, who has spoken to more than 1,300 community colleges and universities, spoke to Butler faculty about retaining students being the responsibility of everyone at the college and that first impressions are key.

“First impressions are absolutely powerful,” Roueche said. “You have one opportunity to create a first impression of Butler.”

While staff convey a first impression long before faculty see students, it is vital that all members of the college make a commitment to be involved in actively recruiting students before they attend Butler and while they are taking classes.

“Who in the world could recruit for your program[s] as well as you could?” Roueche asked faculty.

The importance of keeping “open door institutions” such as community colleges up-to-date and as challenging as a four year institution was also one of Roueche’s points.

 “Require work that is truly of a collegiate nature,” Roueche said. “If standards are not high, the outcome never will be.”

 Butler fall classes start Monday, August 19.