The Butler Community College Board of Trustees took time during their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening to celebrate several award winning students and faculty.

The Butler Community College Board of Trustees took time during their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening to celebrate several award winning students and faculty.

Those individuals who received commendation are: Bob Myer, developmental psychology commendation for the summer of 2013; Kim Karr, faculty commendation for the summer of 2013 chemistry classes; Robert Carlson, faculty commendation for summer 2013 chemistry classes; and Amy Cyphers, Department of Veterans Affairs commendation. Anna Villarreal was recognized by the board for receiving the Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Rising Star award. Shannon Covert was additionally recognized for receiving her developmental education specialist certification, of which there are fewer than 1,000 in the nation.

Several students who took the time to help with the fall enrollment Panathon were recognized as a group by the board for taking the time to reach out to students and encouraging those who hadn’t already to register for classes. Those honored were: Kirsten Allen, Marcy Aycock, Duana Barker, Stacy Cofer, Sharri conard, Karla Fisher, Carrie Flower, Rickey Fierson, Mason Holmes, Crystal Jackson, Julie Kobe, Meg McGranaghan, kay Metzinger, Roger Neifert, Averie nelson, Troy Nordman, Jessica Ohman, Kathryn Perez, Aubrey Pirtie, Julie Pletcher, Michelle Ponce, Wava Seymore, Kim Sherwood, Deann Shrimp, Anna Vilarreal and Lori Winnngham.

Several students honored at the meeting were given the Great Grizzly Deeds 2nd Quarter Award for deeds within the community or on campus. Alex McClendon was first to receive the award due to his willingness to climb on top of the 5000 building with temperatures just above freezing in order to repair a down connection. Second was Danya Burks, who volunteered to lead a group of adult education students on Grizzly Give Back Day. Thirdly was given to Patrick Nance, who aided a faculty member in converting 12 chapters with multiple choice questions and three exams into a new computer learning system for an online tax accounting course. Finally, fourth to be recognized as a recipient of the Great Grizzly Deeds award was Julie Smith. She proved to be instrumental in the migration from the ANGEL LMS to Canvas system which directly affects 4,500 students and 225 instructors.

Following the recognitions, the board welcomed its new president, Dr. Kim Krull, to her first regularly scheduled meeting and began a discussion on the Butler Strategic Plan. Gene George, executive director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness, explained, the strategic plan includes the addition of peak performance indicators, which will give us a direction of where we need to go in order to achieve all the goals we have set. The kind of institution that we want to become won’t happen overnight. It may take 10 years, but with this plan we’re going to get there. We’ve already started and these are aggressive goals to achieve.

The board approved the strategic plan unanimously for the implementation within the coming year.

The board also:

• approved the 2014-2016 KBOR Performance Agreement.

• approved the 2013-2014 insurance premiums.

• reaffirmed the ACCT standards of good practice.

• approved the appointment of James T. “Tim” Bryan as Director of Public Safety/Chief of campus police.

• approved the acceptance of retirement of Roger Lewis as instrumental music faculty.