Plans are being made for the move from the old middle school to the new middle school.

Plans are being made for the move from the old middle school to the new middle school.

The USD 490 Board of Education received an update on the schedule leading up to the move during their meeting Monday evening.

After the board seeing the schedule Monday, it was presented to staff on Tuesday.

In addition, busses will be purchased by Sept. 9 for the additional routes needed.

"Immediately we have to mark current equipment and furnishings to move to the new building, move to another district facility or auction," said Superintendent Sue Givens.

Those items will be marked by Sept. 1.

"We have to make sure that our furnishings are adequate for that facility," Givens said.

On Sept. 10, they will present the transition plans to the site council at the middle school, and they also need to determine the final new furnishings and equipment in September.

During the special board meeting on Sept. 30, the board will discuss the old middle school repurposing and re-evaluation.

"That's a discussion you have to have as a board," Givens said.

While the company that had wanted to put in apartments is still interested, they are in the process of securing other financing.

"We need to have a conversation about how long you are willing to wait for that and what other options are there for us," Givens said.

She said from past discussions, they know patrons have the desire to see the auditorium remain useable. They will revisit this as they go back and talk about the top two to three choices for the facility.

Another step will be to make room and office assignments because they are starting to label the building now and teachers will need to know which rooms into which they are moving.

Another aspect is to determine new bus route.

"It will affect more than the middle school parents because we will no longer have a hub at the middle school because it will no longer be supervised," Givens said.

This month they hope to have a route in place using some new technology that allows transportation tracking.

"We'll be able to see where are good places for neighborhood pickups," Givens said. "Then we want parents to know well before the end of the first semester."

The district plans to send out information on bus routes the week before conferences in October so parents can ask questions during conferences.

On the staff level, by Oct. 18, they will have their first quarter materials they will no longer be using packed and labeled for their new rooms.

On Oct. 24, the full day of parent-teacher conferences, they will hold a reception and give tours of the old building. In addition, Givens said they would like to do a little more advertising for special events at the old middle school this semester, such as concerts or sporting events, as an opportunity to see some final events in the old building.

Then from Dec. 2 through 18, technology and maintenance staff will be on emergency only calls in the districts, reserving that time for work on the new school. On Dec. 4 through 11 they will be moving new equipment and furnishings into the building, as well as relocating existing supplies, equipment and furnishings to the new school from Dec. 12 through Jan. 17.

Behind the scenes they will develop and communicate new emergency procedures for the school and within the first month in the school the students have to have run every drill.

On Dec. 19, staff will be given their access cards to the new building, then they will have some days at the end of the semester to begin preparing their new rooms.

Regarding busses, on Dec. 19, after dropping off the students, they will do a practice bus route run to make sure everything works OK and see how long it takes.

Then on Jan. 6 will be the new building dedication at 5:30 p.m.

Looking to next semester, they will need a landscaping/planning committee to have that set by Feb. 28.

Then they will clean the old building and prepare the items for auction before May 3.

"That's where we are on transition planning," Givens said. "I can tell you that the middle school is geared up for the change of colors. Their theme for the year is 'Blazing ahead with the black and red.'"

In addition to hearing about plans for the move, the board also was informed of the addition of the track to the building project.

The four-lane track will cost $170,370, and the board was told there was money in the contingency fund in the budget for the new school to pay for it.

"We always intended to have a track out there," Givens said.