Butler County is fortunate in many ways.

Butler County is fortunate in many ways.

But one way that most people never think about – and hopefully never need – is the Butler County Rescue Squad. These men and women donate their time to train and prepare so that they can be ready to help paid law enforcement personnel save lives during dangerous situations.

A few times a year, the group comes together to train on confined space, high angle, flat water and swift water rescue situations.

Andy Hall said the group even practices for frozen lake situations in the dead of winter.

Wednesday night, the group rehearsed swift water rescue techniques. With the record recent rainfall amounts, the group has been called into action twice already and the conditions were right Wednesday to prepare for more.

The department has two Zodiac rescue boats – one in Augusta and one in El Dorado.

Wednesday night, they worked with throw lines trying to rescue a person being pulled away by a swift current and they also worked on a situation where a boater had fallen out of a boat and was clinging to a pier as water rushed by.

The training took place in the Walnut River just below the low head dam east of El Dorado.