BOE approves teachers' agreement and wage increases for classified personnel and administrators

With the Augusta teachers ratifying their negotiated agreement in July, that just left an approval by the Board of Education. At Monday night’s monthly meeting, the four BOE members in attendance - Bob McCalla, Andy Hall, Jim Brown and Kim Braungardt, approved the agreement unanimously.

“I believe the biggest concern after negotiations was understanding the fringe benefits, the health insurance coverage,” Superintendent Dr. John Black stated, “there were large benefit costs last year and that caused an increase this year, so when teachers voted some of them voted against the agreement because of that. When responsibility of the district’s portion goes up as does the individual’s.”

Board member McCalla explained, “I wish we had seven board members here. I believe it’s been a fairly successful negotiation process. We have due diligence throughout the year with open communications and discussions. It goes very smoothly. I appreciate John and administrators at the table. It’s a good situation and we get through it quickly. I appreciate everyone’s work.”

Also approved Monday night were the wage and salary increases for classified and administration personnel.

The hourly wage increases to employees in classified positions equal to 1.85 percent, with a cost of $45,000. The increase in district paid health and dental to full-time, 12 month employees is a cost of $14,600. With the total of $60,240.

The salary increase to administrators is a cost of $5,811, with an additional increase to Greg Clark, principal at at three section building at a cost of $2,000. The cost of increase in district paid health and dental premiums for administrators is $7,739. Overall total is $15,650.

The 2013-14 salaries (includes health/dental) for director positions are as follows:

Bob Dandurand, Director of Operations: $69,200

Bart Hamilton, Director of Technology: $68,215

Annette Powers: Director of Finance: $76,853

Robert Sutton, Director of Transportation: $41,894.

The 2013-14 salaries (includes health/dental) for administrators:

John Black, Superintendent: $122,571

Holly Francis, Assistant Superintendent: $95,943

Kim Clark, Garfield Principal: $78,280

Greg Clark, Ewalt Principal: $79,333

Steve Lilly, AMS Principal: $84,055

Matthew Ward, AMS Assistant Principal: $73,005

Ryan Muhlig, AHS Assistant Principal: $70,228

Greg Taylor, Robinson Principal: $80,275

Lyle Dosser, Lincoln Principal: $67,140

Donna Zerr, AHS Principal: $99,013

Doug Law, Athletic Director: $87,508

The board approved a request from Kelly Slaton, Director of Communications, to change her job from full time to four hours per day for 12 months. The change saves the district approximately $30,000. Her salary last year was $60,717 and for the new term it will be $44,051.

Construction update

Before adjourning to go into executive session to discuss a personnel issue, board members heard a brief construction update from Superintendent Black.

At Ewalt Elementary - Exterior water damage above windows on the east side of the building is being assessed.

Lincoln Elementary - The new grass is doing well and looks good. Some finishing work is being done on the new sign and counter tops were refinished.

Robinson Elementary - Classroom doors are being installed.

Garfield Elementary - Sod and irrigation work is being completed. The sod on the south area of the building was not installed due to watering restrictions and completion of the playground and front. The rest of the sod will be installed, however, it will not be irrigated. Some carpet squares are not adhering and will be examined. Signage needs to be completed and additional security cameras may be needed in the “V” area.

Augusta Middle School - The vinyl on the stairs has been cleaned and looks nice. One of the directional gym signs has been installed.

District storage building - Waiting on weather to clear in order to pour the slab.

Approval was given to order the concrete storm shelter for the district Service Center.

Superintendent Black explained that there are no plans to install a storm shelter at the Central Kitchen because no employees are in that location at the time of day when most tornadoes strike and the high school shelter nearby is available.

A special public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. this evening concerning the 2013-14 budget. The board is expected to approve a 3.07 mill levy increase.