Dorothy 'Dottie' Davis, 89, died on Aug. 5, 2013.

Dorothy "Dottie" Davis, 89, died Aug. 5, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nev.

She was born July 6, 1924, in Wichita. Dorothy spent her summers in Cottonwood Falls, Kan. with her Grandmother Lilah "Tottie" Cartter-Maule, Great Aunt Elizabeth Cartter-Gregory at the Gregory house on Spring St., as well as with her many uncles and cousins. She was the great-granddaughter of Dr. William Cartter of Cottonwood Falls, great- great-granddaughter of the First Chief Justice David Kellogg Cartter of Washington, D.C. She graduated from East High School in 1943, and worked in the Pentagon during WWII, where she gave birth on May 7, 1945 the night the war ended to her first son David Wayne Steinly. She returned to Wichita, and later married E.W. "Red" Davis. She was a homemaker and an astute business woman. Her career encompassed Project Administration in Rose Hill, Kan. for Product Development Group, while her husband was an entrepreneur in many businesses; Red-Dot Cafe (Connecticut), Rocking Chair Lounge (Wichita), P&D Sales (Augusta), Certified Welding, Augusta Trading Post, just to name a few. Dorothy was living in Las Vegas with her youngest son John from March 2009 until she passed away.

She was an avid animal lover, who over the years loved, cherished and cared for many abandoned pets.

She devoted much of her time and energy as a caregiver to family members, including her mother until she passed away at age 83, Grandmother Tottie 95, Elizabeth Cartter Gregory 103.

Dorothy reared three sets of children; four boys, and two adopted grandchildren. She was a loving mother, grandmother and gave everything she had to make sure their needs and wants were met even if it meant leaving her with nothing. Her only fault was giving too much love.

Dottie is survived by: four sons, David Wayne Steinley of Augusta, Gregory Scott Davis of California, Bradley Cartter Davis of Tulsa, Okla., John Bradley Davis of Las Vegas, Nev.; grandchildren, Jessica L Capps of Wichita Jason David Davis of Las Vegas, Shay Davis of California, Cammie Goen of Wichita, Bradley Conger of Wichita, Bryan Davis of Colorado; nine great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren;many nieces and nephews in Connecticut on her husband's side.

She was preceded in death by husband, EW "Red" Davis who passed away at 75.

Donations in lieu of flowers may be sent to Spay & Neuter Kansasat: