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  • City works to improve 6th, Main for trucks

  • Discussions continued on the intersection at Sixth Avenue and Main Street Monday evening at the El Dorado City Commission meeting.
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  • Discussions continued on the intersection at Sixth Avenue and Main Street Monday evening at the El Dorado City Commission meeting.
    Commissioner David Chapin asked about the topic, which has been brought up at previous meetings regarding trucks turning that corner.
    Herb Llewellyn, city manager, said they have been talking about the intersection internally for about a month and two weeks ago he asked public works to try a new option to keep northbound trucks from going over the curb when turning west.
    The intersection is designed above minimum standards, but trucks are still having trouble.
    To try to solve this problem, public works put out cones narrowing the three eastbound lanes and giving more room in the westbound lane. This added three feet in that westbound lane. They watched the intersection for a while and the trucks seemed to be able to navigate it.
    "The feedback we got from the biggest truck guy in town was that his drivers loved it and thought it was the solution we needed," Llewellyn said.
    With that, the city is going to grind off the current markings and repaint them making those adjustments.
    Commissioner Nick Badwey said one problem he saw was people still are not stopping at the bar when headed east on Sixth.
    They went on to discuss the stoplights at the intersection.
    Llewellyn said they are looking at that as well.
    "It is the most intelligent signal in El Dorado," he said. "It can do anything that we want it to do."
    The discussion has been if to have a protected left turn or not, something city staff is continuing to look into.
    Commissioner Bill Young asked when they could expect a proposal.
    Llewellyn said once the intersection is changed they will go back out and look at what is happening right away.
    "My concerns are about the fact school is getting ready to start and traffic at that intersection will go up exponentially," Young said. "I don't want us to wait until school is out next year to make a change."
    A third area of concern on Main was farther north, where Mayor Mike Fagg voiced a concern again about a bump at a manhole lid. He wanted to see that fixed also before school starts.
    The city will grind off the asphalt around the manhole to minimize that bump.
    In other business, the commission:
    • issued a proclamation for the anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, reaffirming their commitment to work toward full ADA compliance in El Dorado.
    • approved a resolution allowing for residential sidewalk improvements at 507 N. Atchison, 611 N. Topeka, 327 N. Atchison, 325 N. Atchison and 1404 W. Towanda. A petition had been received by those property owners.
    Page 2 of 2 - • appointed Commissioner Chase Locke to the Educational Facilities Authority of Butler County as one of the city commission representatives.
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