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  • If I were liberal, I wouldn’t watch Fox either - no point in confusing facts and fiction. The other news media only report what you want to happen. The Second Amendment was/is precisely for the prevention of a tyrannical government. Before we get to the salvation of our country, let’s start with salvation of six and seven year-olds with only one gun in a locked school room. What do you propose? Gun ownership is not for everyone, just as common sense is not.
    If confiscation is not your end goal, then you apparently are not a legislative-Belt Way liberal law maker. You are correct in the fact that a fully loaded aris (sic) is no match for drones and such, but so much better than hiding in denial. Being woefully out gunned? How do you explain the rock throwing Afghans sending the modern equipped Russians home in shame? Love of country does much.
    The proposed assault weapons ban doesn’t call for confiscation, and would in fact allow owners of any banned guns to keep their weapons when/ if the bill goes into effect. A Connecticut lawmaker is calling for background checks to buy ammo, but this in no way is confiscation. People need to get their facts straight and that might mean getting their information from other sources than Fox News.
    Actually, both sides have used the Hitler argument - which makes no sense - for either side. Hitler did have a gun control policy (and one that read almost like the Feinstein bill does today), but that policy was an extension of post-World War I gun control measures set on Germany by the Allies to keep Germany from militarizing itself. Maybe we should leave Hitler out of an intelligent debate.
    The car show downtown was great! Thanks to the WFO guys and sponsors for continuing this wonderful tradition!
    Sometimes lawns DO need watering even though it has rained many inches. New grass in full sun for several hours needs moisture because tender new roots will die if they dry out. I have a private well. Sprinkler was on for 10 minutes.
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