City is in better shape than most.

The Augusta City Council received the Pavement Management Plan from MKEC at a work session this week.

The city’s engineering firm took about seven months to complete the document that graded all paved roads and streets in Augusta.

Larry Henry with MKEC said the city was in better shape than most.

“Augusta is miles ahead of other cities its size,” said Henry, who presented an entertaining engineer’s report on the new plan. “That is because of the dedicated sales tax, the work of the oversight committee and decisions this board (the governing body) has made.”

Henry said the Sales Tax Oversight Committee’s priority list and the recommendations MKEC would make based on the details in the new plan were very similar.

He said that the city’s overall street rating of 75.8 is good but with the same investment and work at the current level, the projection is that the city’s overall rating will drop several points in 5-10 years.

To stem this decline, Henry suggested that the city should begin a targeted maintenance plan that treated roads that were not failing yet.

“That will improve and extend the life of roads in a very cost-effective way compared to resurfacing failed roads,” he said.

Although the plan makes recommendations based on observations, it is not binding in any way. The committee and city council are still the final arbiters on what kind of work is done in the city and where it takes place.