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For those of you anti-gun, anti-tyranny folks - you should have watched FOX Huckabee on Sunday, July 28, 2013. From 2000 to 2011, home invasions rose 3000 percent by federal agents, frequently the wrong homes were busted into. These agents in body armor and multi-shot clips, and you wonder why the citizens believing the Second Amendment rights want equality. Over 80,000 homes in the dark of night, without any notice or warning, door-busting entry, all in 2011. What country is this?


First, cost to this administration is of no interest to getting the end result. I did not say I thought confiscation would ever be done, just that it is some lib’s end goal. You both should listen to more than liberal rhetoric, there are several top administrators that have that as a goal. The Second Amendment does not specify, nor exclude any weapon. There are two different types of shooters - legal and illegal. The illegal cares not about laws, I feel its important to have equal or greater power.