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  • Instead of another motel, Augusta needs to have a nice family restaurant, like Lehr’s - open for breakfast through evening dinner. People go to other towns to eat, while they are there, they shop. Augusta needs eating places like Long John Silver’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Also, a Walgreens would be nice.
    When the weather gets hot and dry, the City should let citizens water more than two days a week, as the City Lake is watering weeds and brush 24/7. It consume water while we are on water restrictions. The weeds should be burned off or removed. They look better than citizens’ lawns. If the citizens had not mowed their lawns when they got tall, they would have been written up. The City needs to write the City up. Need to get it done.
    I appreciated Belinda Larsen’s touching tribute to her daughter in last week’s paper. She writes from the heart. We all need to value our kids and each other more.
    Mr. Brinkman, your rhetoric on the Second Amendment says very loudly about your liberal ways. The City of Augusta may not need a militia, but the citizenry of USA needs the Second Amendment to keep tyranny at bay. If the City of Augusta ever did need a militia, my guess would be those of us who believe in the Second Amendment would be the only ones to enlist, as we believe in freedom and liberty.
    I appreciate Mr. Brinkman’s efforts, but reality is that most people don’t understand and won’t accept that assault rifles have no place in the private sector. The closed-minded NRA ditto heads won’t think for themselves.
    I wish more people would read the Second Amendment. A well regulated militia is mentioned first. Conceal and carry advocates are not well regulated, nor are they a militia. Thank you, Ken Brinkman and Kent Bush.
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