No changes have been made to the current restrictions.

How much rain will it take to fill Augusta’s City Lake and allow the governing body to remove outdoor watering restrictions?

No one knows for sure. But it is a lot more than we have had so far.

Interim City Manager Josh Shaw told the City Council Monday night that both the City Lake and Santa Fe Lake were down about a foot recently despite cooler than normal weather and some rain.

Shaw said meeting the demand for water has been made even more difficult because Santa Fe Lake has not been able produce the amount of water it could last year.

Shaw said the city was only able to draw about 400,000 gallons a day compared to almost 700,000 gallons a day last year. He said crews had walked the line looking for leaks and other problems that could be inhibiting the city’s ability to draw water from the lake.

So far, no answers have been found.

Because of that, some water is still being pulled from the city lake - an option the city was trying to avoid.

No changes were made to the current restrictions, which are still in place across the city.