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  • Letter to the Editor: Do you belong to the Augusta City Militia?

  • Where is the Augusta City Militia today and are you a member?
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  • To the Gazette:
    I’m still upset about the Viewpoint last week whose writer berated Kent Bush’s comments about gun control and/or the Second Amendment. That person and the millions of people who think like him/her have never read the Second Amendment and understands only what they “think” or “have heard” or “have been told” about gun ownership. I must tell them that if they would read and study the Second Amendment, they’d find that it DOES NOT tell them any thing about them having a right to carry any type of gun anywhere. For lack of that knowledge, they and everyone else who thinks that they “have a constitutional right to bear arms” and to own a gun, gets a big F+ and flunks American History!
    The introduction to the Second Amendment, as written over 200 years ago, says “A well regulated militia, being necessary in the security of a free state, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That statement was written back in the 1780s to emphasize that, having endured the Revolutionary War, this “new” country and its states had a right to form militias to protect themselves and their “new found freedom” from any future invasion or tyranny.
    The weapons our fore fathers had a right to “keep and bear” were usually single shot black powder rifles or muskets and, occasionally, war-ship type ball cannons. (The military-type assault rifle with a 30 shot banana clip that you want to own did not even exist back then).
    Where is the Augusta City Militia today and are you a member? Well, no! The city does not need a militia today in 2013 because it’s doubtful that we will be invaded by the British Red Coat Armies. This is a humorous way of making the truth be known.
    The Second Amendment, as written 220 years ago, is obsolete and can not in any way be applied to TODAY. Any attempt to re-interpret the 1791 Bill of Rights to today’s way of thinking by any mean will be grossly mis-interpreted as it is so often seen happening today.
    The 1791 Bill of Rights, as far as ownership, needs to be re-written to today’s 21st Century standards.
    Alas, any attempt by the U.S. government to do so is constantly being blocked by the NRA and all the YAHOOS out there who are shouting, “I have a constitutional right to own a gun.”
    What right do you have to own a gun? To protect the city and your neighbors from invasion by the British Red Coats? Not likely.
    Page 2 of 2 - You have a right to own a gun to go out and harvest wildlife to bring home meat and keep in the freezer to feed the family.
    You do not have the right to own an assault rifle to “go down to the river and kill some turtles and snakes” just for the sake of killing an animal.
    You, and people like you, give your sons a pellet gun and tell them to “go and kill some birds”. They do. They kill a cardinal, a wren, a robin - all song birds! And then you pat them on the back and say, “Atta-boy, Son. You sure kilt those birds good!” At that point you have created the next generation of “gun morons” who are saying “You’re not taking my guns away from me!”
    I now ask you the same question you asked Mr. Bush in your Viewpoint, “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT?”
    Ken Brinkman
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