The UNK camp has been a staple of the Augusta wrestling program's offseason schedule for some time now.

Coach Brandon Terry had 19 Oriole wrestlers attend the University of Nebraska-Kearney camp from June 29 through July 1. There, the Orioles split into two teams to compete against other schools in duals. Team 1 finished 5-4 while Team 2 was 7-2 in duals. The camp features teams from multiple states and has dual and tournament competition.

Every team at the camp had a wrestler earn the Legitimate Tough Guy award, given to a wrestler who worked hard and had an overall excellent camp. Connor Spellman earned the LTG award for the Orioles' Team 1, and Wright Bosley earned the LTG award for Team 2. The LTG winners were given t-shirts.

To top it off, Jake Goldenstein earned the Outstanding Wrestler award, which is given to a single wrestler in the entire camp as voted on by the UNK wrestlers and coaches.

Goldenstein was a perfect 10-0. Bosley also had a perfect 9-0 record as they led the way for the Orioles, who competed strongly throughout the lineup.