Students in USD 490 have been learning, while having fun in the Summer Academy this month.

Students in USD 490 have been learning, while having fun in the Summer Academy this month.

This year’s summer academy had 268 students enroll in a variety of classes.

One art class was creating ocean murals. After the students chose what they wanted to draw in their ocean and completed the drawing, they finished the picture with some real sand.

Another class was learning about reptiles and other animals in Reptiles, Reading and Real Life Insects.

They had done such things as create a worm farm, studying what the worms eat and doing a worm roundup each day. They had fed the worms leftover scraps such as watermelon, kiwi and other things, then watched to see what they ate most.

They also had hissing cockroaches, reptiles, two snakes and a gecko.

On another day they watched a praying mantis hatch and talked about rattle snakes and turtles.

Another class was showing their creative side while working on writing skills by creating their own books.

“We’re writing a book about a story, fiction or non-fiction,” said student Trisha Cook.

Classmate Kenzee Eaton explained they started with a rough draft, then they would transfer that to their final book and draw the pictures to go with it.

Student Makaila Bender was enjoying the project.

“Sharing about our story,” she said of what she liked most.

Another class, Decoupage with Mod Podge, also let students get creative.

One student was making a gift for his uncle, while others had made gifts for Father’s Day previously.

After doing some technical reading and compare/contrast, the students started doing the decoupage from items the teacher brought in, then the students started bringing in their own items, such as boxes, trash cans, vases, stools and more.

The summer academy concluded at the end of June.

In addition to classes, the students also are given lunch and can take part in breakfast if they want to.

There are more than 200 students eating lunch and 170 eating breakfast.