Conservatism isn't such a bad word in Kansas.

Mr. Bush and The Gazette:

Sir, it never ceases to amaze me on how you far left wingers will go in order to bash the GOP and their party! By the way, good attempt to try and be intellectual!

In your vain rantings on Sarah Palin being on FOX News and new book that's bad to be smart enough to write a book. Oh gee, H. Clinton just put a book out, too - also to make money! There was mention of it on CNN.

I think your (sic) just a small town publisher that's jealous of a right wing woman that gets more attention or money, due to her intelligence or station in life that's higher than you!

Also, Israel is our best ally in the world and they have given many military weapon improvements, as well as train our Air Force pilots on pin-point bombing.

Conservatism isn't such a bad word in Kansas, maybe you need to relocate to Maine or Connecticut to be among your fold?

If you want to allow illegal immigrants that broke the law to come here in the first place, doesn't mean I do! They should be placed in a bus going south to the border!

As you guessed, I'm also not in favor of two men or women fowling (sic) the institution of marriage either, let alone the immorality of it!

Well, to end this, I'm not gonna give up my right to own and bear arms and don't care what you or others think or say about it! FYI, if 90 percent of Americans wanted gun control, it would have happened, right? That's the number all you far left people, including OBuma (sic) said? But, you have a right of free speech given because of guns that all started this country by killing the American Indians and so forth!

Randy C. Tate