The Gazette does a great job of fulfilling it’s role in a free society

To the Gazette:

Many thanks for publishing State Senator Forrest Knox’s column of June 22, 2013 (“Concealed Carry of Handguns in Public Buildings”). This is a very informative article by a man intimately involved with crafting the bill, and, more importantly, a definitive statement of the intent of the legislature. Possibly this will avert some judicial review expense in the future, much of which is often expended attempting to determine the intent of the legislative body.

I am aware of the stance of Conservative Constitutionalists in Second Amendment rights matters is not shared by the management of the Augusta Daily Gazette, and this is a fine time to compliment the paper. The Gazette does a great job of fulfilling it’s role in a free society through it’s willingness to print views inconsistent with those of the management. I thank you for doing your job well.

This is also an excellent opportunity to publicly thank you for publishing my occasional column, most often on governmental affairs, and probably most often in disagreement with those of your staff.

Public endorsement of the editor may even be appropriate here. Belinda is my favorite liberal; even listens all the way through my thoughts without interrupting (probably painful). She’s going to grow up to be a fine conservative some day!

Thank you!

Charles Hanna