Some of these law-abiders and they have anger issues.

To the Gazette:

Mr. Wells said liberals were phobic about guns. Really? Gun toting ultra conservatives seem to see danger lurking everywhere. They say they are good law-biding citizens. Probably. But I know some of these law-abiders and they have anger issues. When one say "Kill the ump!" at his son's little league game--I worry that some gun-slingers may now take that old expression literally. They don't seem to get it through their angry heads that THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT TO TAKE AWAY GUNS THAT YOU USE FOR PERSONAL PROTECTION IN YOUR HOME. Vigilantes we do not need.

I wonder, Mr. Wells, who really has been watching too many Hollywood movies--Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis made swaggering with large weapon look so glamorous. On the other hand, maybe we should rest easy. Mr. Wells will protect us. He has a gun.