Area Catholic youth lend a helping hand to others

Prayer and Action, a Catholic youth ministry program of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita gives teenagers an experience of mission work in the surrounding communities. The program reaches out, providing for those most in need. This is done by the laboring hands and the open hearts of high school students and their adult leaders.

The group was in Augusta for two weeks painting, cleaning, doing yard work, and performing other meaningful taskes for the poor, disabled and elderly.

The parish adult leaders were with the students at the worksites, working side-by-side with them.

"The students spend the week in an atmosphere that is free of distractions which fosters their faith, inspires charity, and leads them closer to Christ. The experience also allows them to get to know other high school students from other parts of the Diocese who share their Catholic faith," said Garett Burns, Prayer and Action Mission Director of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Annie Allen of Augusta, and part of the youth ministry program, shared her experiences, "My favorite part was probably the opportunity to meet new people from around the dioceses. The activities involved the chance to change peoples lives through service, getting to know other people through icebreakers/games, funny stories, ABC's, and stories of how you saw God throughout the day - not to mention the amazing food," she continued, "It truly changes your life and deepens your relationship with Christ. And seeing that you can change someone else's life through your service, is one of the best feelings in the world."