A partial list of current scandals in the Obama administration.

This is a partial list of the scandals and allegations plaguing the Obama administration. 

Identifier:  Improper funds solicitation.

Allegation: Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, solicited political donations from corporations she regulates.

Republican view: In addition to being unethical, it was an illegal attempt to circumvent campaign spending limits.

Administration response: Sibelius argues that she did nothing wrong, and there are no laws against soliciting donations.  Obama stayed out of it.  No further action expected.

Further information: examiner.com

My comment:  Not too serious, but is an example of the Liberal-in-power arrogance.  Obama should reprimand Sibelius, but won’t.


Identifier:  ATF gunwalking scandal, sometimes called “Fast and Furious”

Allegation: The ATF "purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal “straw buyers”, hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders.  One of the guns was used to kill an American ATF officer, and it’s alleged that numerous Mexican citizens were killed as well by gang members with the guns. 

Republican view:  The administration attempted to cover up the blame.  Holder and Obama denied knowledge and withheld information.  Obama claimed Executive Privilege to block information.  Holder stonewalled and was found in Contempt of Congress by the House for failure to cooperate with their investigation.

Administration response: Five low-level supervisors were transferred to other jobs.  An attorney who had testified resigned.  Omaba expressed his complete confidence in Holder.

Further information: wikipedia article

My comment:  Eric Holder should be fired or forced to resign over this.  When he is no longer Attorney General, he should be prosecuted for Contempt of Congress and imprisoned.  He won’t be.


Identifier:  “Department of Justice attack on the press, and Eric Holder perjury.”

Allegation: In an effort to pin down a leak of classified information from a former State Department official, Stephen Kim, to James Rosen, a Fox News reporter, the DOJ sought to obtain a warrant to search Rosen’s emails by falsely claiming he was a “co-conspirator” and a “flight risk.”  Eric Holder later testified to the House that he had no knowledge of the affair, but it was later proved he signed the application for the warrant. 

Republican view: The DOJ violated freedom of the press by falsely attacking a reporter who was only doing what reporters do, i.e. talking with a source.  Eric Holder committed perjury by testifying under oath he had no knowledge of the matter.  A copy of the request for warrant later turned up with his signature on it.

Administration response:  President Obama instructed Eric Holder to look into DOJ policies on dealing with journalists and report back by July 12.  Essentially, Holder is asked to investigate himself.  

Further information: Huffington Post

My comment:  Eric Holder should be fired or forced to resign over this.  When he is no longer Attorney General, he should be prosecuted for Contempt of Congress (based on Perjury) and imprisoned.  He won’t be.


Identifier:  IRS targets political opposition.

Allegation: The IRS targeted certain conservative groups applying for tax exempt status for closer scrutiny based on their names or political themes.  These included “Tea Party” entities and contributors to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.  The IRS took other illegal and inappropriate actions including leaking returns for some taxpayers.

Republican view: The IRS asked for impossible amounts of detail and posed questions totally unrelated to any valid purpose.  In effect, they acted as a political weapon of the Democrat party in an effort to suppress the conservative organizations.  This is a very serious allegation, and people should have been fired for it by now.  There should also be prosecutions and prison sentences.

Administration response: Stonewall.  The FBI is pretending to investigate.  Obama said it was wrong and would look into it, but did nothing.  Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division Lois Lerner asserted her Fifth Amendment rights and declined to testify.  She was subsequently suspended from her job but is transferring to a better one.

Further information: Wikipedia article on IRS scandal

My comment:  Lois Lerner should be fired or forced to resign over this.  Congress will continue to investigate.  I believe this goes all the way to the President.  If it is proven that he knew of it and did nothing or ordered it, he should be impeached.


Identifier:  Benghazi consulate security.

Allegation: U.S. diplomats in Libya made repeated requests for increased security for the consulate in Benghazi before it was attacked, but they were turned down by officials in the State Department.

Republican view: The State Department and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is at fault for failing to provide adequate security, ignoring repeated requests by diplomats on the scene who were later killed in the attack.

Administration response:  We’ll look into it and get back to you someday.

Further information: The Times of Israel

My comment:  The administration continues to cover up to protect the incompetent.


Identifier:  Benghazi failure to defend Americans under dire attack. 

Allegation: The attack on the embassy in Benghazi was only minutes underway when it was reported to the White House.  It lasted for six hours.  No American forces were dispatched to assist the Americans under attack.  In fact, they were told to stand down.   

Republican view:  Had our military intervened, some of the four Americans might have been saved.  Only three people had authority to issue a stand down order.  President Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and commander of AFRICOM Gen. Carter Ham.  All deny having given the order.  In the timeline of the attack, Obama was informed within minutes but disappeared for the next seven hours and went on his fundraising trip the next day. 

Administration response: Deny and ignore.

Further information: Breitbart article

My comment:  The administration continues to cover up to protect the guilty, one of whom is Barack Obama.


Identifier:  Benghazi cover-up.

Allegation: President Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton knowingly misled Americans about the cause of the Benghazi attack by falsely claiming it was a spontaneous protest sparked by an anti-Islamic film made by some guy in California.

Republican view: Obama had inferred that the had the War on Terror under control.  When the attack broke out, he feared the effect on his election prospects, and therefore concocted the BS story about the movie to counter the impression that terrorists were still active.

Administration response: Lie, stonewall, ignore.

Further information: Washington Examiner article

My comment:  Obama did this to ensure his re-election.


Identifier:  Excessive personal spending by various federal organizations.

Allegation:  Employees of the GSA, EPA, Vice President Biden, Michelle Obama, and some IRS employees engaged in wild misuse of government funds.

Republican view: These organizations and individuals threw wild parties and had a great time on unnecessary travel to resorts.  They lived high off the hog at taxpayer expense, spending money like it’s going out of style. 

Administration response:  Ignore Joe’s and Michelle’s wild spending, and let them keep on doing it.  For government organizations, tone it down for now.  Say they will investigate, say it’s wrong, but nothing actually happens.  One guy in the GSA scandal resigned. 

Further information: Fox News on GSA   CNN article on IRS    yahoo.com on EPA man cave   Joe Biden's hotel bill -- Weekly Standard.                                      London Daily Mail on Michelle Obama's vacations.

My comment:  The administration is run by Barack Obama, who sets a lax tone toward economy and almost never punishes misdeeds.  Biden and Michelle have no concept of responsibility or thrift.  Michelle Obama is not a government employee and federal funds should not pay for her vacations when she travels without the President.  Contrary to her  attitude, she is not Queen of the World.