All of the bids were well under the estimate for the project.

 By the end of August, a new parking lot will be available at the site of the new playground equipment in Garvin Park.

Monday night, the Augusta City Council awarded the bid for the playground to Cornejo and Sons from Wichita.

The bidding was very competitive for the $33,500 project with less than $160 separating the bids.

The better news is that all of the bids were also well under the estimate for the project. The funds to pay for the new parking lot will come from the same $100,000 grant and $100,000 matching funds from the city to build the playground.

The total for the playground, engineering and the parking lot will be around $191,275. Interim City Manager Josh Shaw said the council would have several options of what to do with the excess funds.

To continue receiving the matching funds from the grant, the city would be limited in how the funds were spent. If the governing body chose to do something other than those limited options, the city could choose to use its half of the funds and not request the match from the grant.

Shaw said waste baskets, signage and picnic tables would all be possible expenditures under the grant. The council could also consider other options at a future meeting.

The work on the parking lot is set to begin after the Fourth of July and be completed by the end of August if not sooner.