With the district construction projects completed, the building plaques were on display at Monday night’s USD 402 Board of Education meeting.

With the district construction projects completed, the building plaques were on display at Monday night’s USD 402 Board of Education meeting.

Each plaque included the names of the current BOE; former BOE members Carey Lee and Chris Martinez; Superintendent Dr. John Black and former Superintendent Jim Lentz; PBA Architects, P.A.; and General Contractor, Crossland Construction.

The new building plaques will be installed at Garfield and Lincoln Elementary, and the new building addition plaques will be installed at Robinson Elementary, Ewalt Elementary, Augusta Middle School, and Augusta High School.

Landscape presentation

Cammie Christner, AHS graduate and outstanding K-State graduate student, made a presentation to the board Monday night. Christner shared her Landscaping project, a Sensory Outdoor Learning Environment for Garfield Elementary School. She explained that the purpose of “Celebrating the Bond Between Children and Nature” is to encourage students to develop deep-seated emotional ties to the natural world, hopefully encouraging them to become environmental stewards as adults.

The Outdoor Learning Environment design incorporates both land archetype and elements of nature in order to accommodate for all types of outdoor learning activities that promote holistic child development. The unique design includes some spaces and play areas designed around children’s literature.

Christner, was named the MLA Outstanding Graduate and received the American Society of Landscape Architects Honor and Merit Award. She is the daughter of Kim Clark, Garfield Elementary Principal.

Library help

An issue drawing some measure of discussion was the request from St. James Catholic School for USD 402 to provide a librarian on a part time basis. Over the past seven years or more, USD 402 provides band, PE, art and music to St. James. While providing these classes, USD 402 is able to claim the students in its count and receive state base aid for the time of service. Adding library service at St. James would result in the amount of aid received.

Not all Augusta elementary librarians and principals were in support of serving library duties at St. James. Concerns varied based on Ewalt being a 3-section building and Garfield using their librarian in a more integrated way each day. The decision was made not to require participation. But Lincoln and Robinson Elementary librarians and principals did agree to participate in spending three hours per week at St. James.

“It is our plan that a portion of the funds - an unknown amount at this time - would be returned to Robinson and Lincoln to support their libraries,” Superintendent Black stated.

BOE President Bob McCalla asked, “Will their (Lincoln and Robinson) libraries be shut down while they’re gone to St. James?”

Dr. Black explained that the librarians will be using the times they had spent shelving books and periods which were not used to interact one-on-one with students.

Board members approved the recommendation 4-1, with McCalla casting the no vote.

End of Construction Committee

Dr. Black informed the board that the Construction Committee would meet for the last time in July.

He shared the last of the remaining tasks at each of the buildings.

At the Middle School, the stairwell floor covering is absorbing dirt quickly following continuous cleanings and needs to be examined.

At Garfield Elementary, landscaping and irrigation are the areas of work.

Lincoln Elementary has had floor tile pulled and replaced with carpet tiles. The floor tiles had proven to be too soft for the constant wear and tear. And the ceramic tiles in the rest rooms have needed replaced, as well.

At Robinson Elementary there has been the same problem with ceramic tiles. The classroom doors, which were ordered, arrived and found to be the wrong ones, so new ones are on order presently. And a grading problem at the southwest exit is being corrected.

At the Ball Field the area around the concession stand is being cleaned and finished out.