Chad Schuetz will be joining the staff at Skelly Elementary School this coming school year.

Chad Schuetz will be joining the staff at Skelly Elementary School this coming school year.

Schuetz has taken the position of assistant principal at the school.

“It’s kind of a chance to go back home,” said Schuetz.

He lived here for a couple of years while he attended Butler Community College.

Schuetz had been working in Wichita at Mueller Elementary as the family engagement coordinator/intstructional technology specialist.

“My position this year was grant funded,” he said, adding that he was looking for another position in the area.

“El Dorado spoke to me because I am from a small town,” said Schuetz, who is from Holton.

He also was impressed by the school district.

“The Skelly building is amazing,” he said. “When I was walking around with the superintendent she knew all of the teachers and called them by first name. That’s powerful.”

He was impressed with her hands-on involvement with the teachers.

Schuetz knew he wanted to get into teaching since he was in high school when he wanted to be in music education. He then attended Butler where he was in the Smorgaschords and Headliners.

He then moved to Wichita and went to Wichita State University, where he experienced working with youth.

He changed his major in his junior year to be an elementary teacher.

“The light bulb moments in the elementary years are huge,” he said.

He began his teaching career at Val Jackson Elementary in Wichita, where he was a classroom teacher/school age program director from 2004 to 2008. He then worked at Cessna Elementary in Wichita from 2008 to 2009 as an aspiring principal/instructional coach.

From 2009 to last year he worked at Mueller Elementary first as a magnet facilitator/science teacher, then as a reading/mathematics intervention specialists before taking on his last role there.

Schuetz has three children, two boys and a girl, ages 9,7 and 5. He currently lives in Wichita.