The El Dorado City Commission heard department head requests for the 2014 budget during a special meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The El Dorado City Commission heard department head requests for the 2014 budget during a special meeting Wednesday afternoon.

They reviewed requests from each department and looked at revenues and expenses.

They began by looking at the general fund, with revenues mainly made up of taxes and sales tax. City staff foresee sales tax going up next year. It also includes licenses and permits, intergovernmental revenue and charges for services.

Overall there were not a lot of major items in the budget for most of the departments.

The Engineering Department reduced their budget $6,400 over 2013, as did the courts, which saw a reduction in the budget because of reductions in personnel.

Public works also has seen a reduction over the years, and animal control was down a bit.

Next year’s public works budget includes traffic signal upgrades, half of a street sweeper and a pull-behind air compressor and replacement truck.

With the Civic Center, the city may be looking at some repairs on the aging air conditioning units next year, with repairs on some of the units having been made the last few years.

There was an increase in the hazmat budget for next year because of the need for some new hazmat suits.

The biggest thing for the fire department was to start paying on the lease purchase agreement on a fire engine. They also had to estimate some expenses for the new sub-station.

The parks budget included $25,00 for the tennis courts and $20,000 for repurposing Rio Park.

The budget for the swimming pool only saw an increase in materials.

Cemeteries proposed the purchase of a wide area mower in 2014.

When they got to the storm water fund that raised some concerns for Commissioner David Chapin who wanted to make sure the tax being collected was being used as they had presented it.

When they started looking at economic development Mayor Mike Fagg thought they now had the jobs and that money should start going toward housing. He said a number of people work here but don’t live here.

Chapin said they had been looking at that and agreed there was a need for more housing.

Fagg also suggested taking the economic development money and putting it toward paying for the streets that had been built in the industrial park.

The Prairie Trails budget was going to decrease from the original proposal because of one wrong number. Their proposal included items for the restaurant, which would not be put in unless there was a need for it, as well as a new roof.

There were a couple of increases regarding Corps of Engineer charges and sewer treatment.

One big item for sewer maintenance was for $395,000 and was a combination flusher/back truck, which may have to be put off because revenues don’t meet expenses right now.

In recycling, they lost some personal service and salaries with the start of single stream recycling at the plant. In addition to that there was a cost in the 2014 budget to go to carts for recycling as well, which included modifying the truck.

Finally, in data processing, the professional services went up because they went to hosted software which now allows their information to be stored off-site.

The Commission will continue to discuss the 2014 budget.