Suspect has been apprehended.

Officer Quinten Shoopman, with the Augusta Department of Safety was injured in a crash while pursuing a stolen vehicle reported from Oklahoma, in a high speed chase Wednesday morning.

The chase began from the Jumpstart station on 7th St. at approximately 4:27 a.m. when contact was made with suspect Jeremy Hutchens, a black male approximately 30-33. Hutchens was parked at one of the gas pumps and when approached by Officer Shoopman, he fled.

Officer Shoopman's patrol car spun out on the wet road near the intersection of Santa Fe Lake Rd. and Highway 54. He was transported to St. Francis Hospital in Wichita. Augusta Department of Safety Chief Tyler Brewer reported that Shoopman's condition is being evaluation and no more further information is known at this time.

In a separate accident nearby, Hutchens crashed the vehicle he was driving and fled the scene on foot. He eluded officers for approximately five hours.

Officers from both the Butler County Sheriff's Department and the Augusta Department of Safety, and the K-9 unit combed the area off of Highway 54 near the railroad tracks just west of Prairie Hills Southern Baptist Church.

Chief Brewer told the media that Hutchens was familiar to local law enforcement.

Following the suspect's capture, Sheriff Herzet spoke to the media. He stated, "The suspect is in custody. He was tracked to a trailer and was found hiding in the residence."

Herzet also advised that Hutchens was familiar with the area and officials believed an ex-girlfriend of his had lived in the mobile home at one time.

"We're glad to have him in custody and our hearts go out to the officer in the hospital."

(check the Gazette for further updates and photos)