David All has resigned as Augusta's city attorney.

David All served the City of Augusta as its city attorney for more than 31 years.

Monday night will be the first meeting without him. He resigned his post recently and the May 20 meeting was his last.

"I want to thank the three city managers I served under in 31 years," All said. "They were all outstanding people. I would also thank you (the council) and all of the people who did your job in that time. What you do is very important and often thankless."

All said he wasn't going anywhere.

He and his wife will still live in Augusta and he will maintain his private practice and enjoy extra time with his grandchildren.

Interim City Manager Josh Shaw told the governing body that the city attorney is appointed by the city manager according to Augusta's City Charter. Shaw said he would appoint an interim city attorney with the advice and consent of the governing body and the new city manager, when hired, will make a formal decision on the city's next legal representative.