Rains have helped Santa Fe Lake

The recent rains have certainly helped Augusta’s Santa Fe Lake.

The 200-acre lake, just west of Augusta, boat rentals, camping, and miles of trails in the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake.

Santa Fe Lake is currently in progress of a 3-4 year Fish Re-stocking Plan, no fishing will be allowed until the new fish population has increased and given time to reach maturity.

The lake also offers year-round mountain bike trails. There are about 1.5 miles of trails for all skill levels from beginners to experts. The trails are located in the creek area below the lake's spillway, and loop and criss-cross through the woods and grass.

Rod Davis, the lake’s caretaker reports, “The rains have helped - the lake is full, camping boating and swimming are open as usual.”

The use of the lake and all of the lake public access property requires a daily or annual permit.