The El Dorado City Commission further discussed the 2014-2019 capital improvement program during their meeting Monday evening.

The El Dorado City Commission further discussed the 2014-2019 capital improvement program during their meeting Monday evening.

“Every year as part of the budget process staff develops a six-year capital improvement plan,” said Herb Llewellyn, city manager. “It is presented to the Planning Commission and they review it to see if it is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The CIP, what you’re being asked to approve tonight, has been presented to the Planning Commission. If you approve it, or even if you don’t, what you see in your budget will be different.

“If we did everything in that CIP, it would require a 15 mill increase,” he continued. “I’m not going to present you a budget that looks anything like that, but this is part of the process. It will be modified before you see it again in the budget.”

Mayor Mike Fagg asked about publishing the list in the paper so the public would know what projects were being proposed.

The final CIP is published on 360eldorado.

“It’s maybe not as convenient as in the paper,” Llewellyn said.

But there is no cost to put it on 360.

Fagg suggested putting an ad in the paper directing people to a list on 360.

“Somehow we’ve got to do a better job advertising the list,” he said.

(Two stories on CIP requests were printed in the El Dorado Times on May 2 and 4.)

Llewellyn said they did advertise the public meeting with the city manager, and no one has attended in seven years.

“The surprising part is I think people are reading it,” Llewellyn said. “I was asked last week and whoever had asked me had read it and asked me ‘do you really think you’re going to do all of that next year.’”

Fagg also asked if the football stadium was on the CIP.

“That’s a pretty big item not to be on the CIP,” he said.

He was told it was not, although early on in the planning there was something on the stadium because the city was looking at doing everything outside the stadium proper at first.

“I kind of look at the CIP as a need to get done and want list,” said Commissioner David Chapin. “We need a plan of how we are going to accomplish all of this. Many projects get pushed back, some move forward. It’s really just a roadmap and isn’t finalized until we finalize the budget.”

Fagg also wanted to know why Towanda Avenue was off of the list, as well as other street improvements.

He felt those things should be kept in front of them.

Another concern of Fagg’s was storm water improvements. He recalled a list developed of those improvements and thought they should be appearing on the CIP.

They went on to discuss street repairs and filling potholes, which Llewellyn said they are always out working on. He said to better care for some of the streets, they may have to turn them back to gravel.

The commission then opened the CIP for a public hearing, but no one spoke. The commission approved the CIP 5-0.