Community contest

In honor of "National Historic Preservation Month," this month, Downtown Augusta, Inc. is hosting a Fun Photo Contest. The contest will encourage local photographers, of all ages, to capture images of Augusta's historic architecture.

One division is for current photographs of the city, the other is for historic photographs of Augusta in past years (Pre 1980). The rules include:

Photo Taking:

1) Photos must be of a structure located within Augusta city limits

2) Photos can be of any commercial or public building

3) Photos of private residences will not be accepted

4) Subject in the photos must be at least 50 years old

5) Photos must have been taken within the last two (2) years

6) Photos must be owned by the person submitting

7) Photos can be in color or black and white

8) Photos can be of either interior or exterior

9) Photos can be either the entire structure, or a close up detail

Historic Photos (Pre 1980):

1) Same as above (numbers 1-4) and (numbers 6-9)

2) Photos must have been before 1980

Rules for submission:

1) Limit of five (five) entries per person, in each category

2) Deadline for submission is May 31st

3) Must fill out an application for each photograph you are entering

4) The community of Augusta will vote for the winning photo in each category

5) Voting can be submitted online via DAI website, via DAI Facebook, emailed to or mailed to 112 E. 6th, Augusta, 67010 (watch the website for more information on voting)

6) Voting will begin on June 3rd- after submission deadline

7) Winners will be announced on June 10th

8) Winners photos' will be featured in the Augusta Gazette, on both DAI websites, as well as a copy of each photo will be blown up and framed to display in the DAI Office!

Note: This contest is for fun only, and no prizes will be offered for the winners. Photos submitted will be returned to the rightful owners after the judging is completed. Downtown Augusta, Inc. does reserve the right to use the photographs for future promotional reasons.