She retired after accompanying the choir for more than 30 years.

Augusta High School's choir performed the American Bandstand show Tuesday evening at the AHS theatre.
The show was the swan song for Kay McCollom, who is retiring after more than 30 years with the AHS choir.
After the show was finished, the students paid special tribute to McCollom with a slide show and a singing of "My Girl."
McCollom, who played piano for the last time during the show, said she will spend more time with family and also plans to travel a lot during her retirement.
The American Bandstand was a collection of classic songs with new twists. The show choir performed songs such as "Born to be Wild," "Sweet Caroline," "I Love Rock N Roll," and "We Got The Beat." The students even performed one song, "In The Jungle," with no music; instead, they sang to beat boxing all done vocally. A tap-dance number as the Village People singing a rendition of the "YMCA" song pumped up the crowd, as well.
Intermittently were some clever parody songs of a word from sponsors as they sang and dressed in creative costumes for commercials for products like Pepsi and Oscar Meyer.