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  • I’m very excited that there are only two more weeks of school and soon I’ll sleep til eight every single morning and have my kids with me all day long.
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  • 1. I’m very excited that there are only two more weeks of school and soon I’ll sleep til eight every single morning and have my kids with me all day long.
    But the problem that presents itself by having my kids with me all day long is that when one of them talks to me all three of them talk to me AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, and then my brain overloads, I lose my smile and slip into Mom Business Mode of telling the others to zip it so I can focus on each one individually. It is my fault this has happened; I know that over the years I’ve tried to remain focused on more than one conversation at the same time.
    Now I’ve reached a stage (age?) where my brain being split into three different directions at the same time must stop.
    Yesterday when they got in the vehicle after school both G and Little Missy started talking AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, a foreshadowing of days to come.
    I shook my head once, turned away from them and slid my hands in front of me, saying, “No talking.” Then I looked at G, motioned for him to speak, responded quickly, then looked at Little Missy, motioned for her to speak and responded quickly. It was a gruff response to sweet kids wanting to share their day with their mom.
    This is what occupies brain space of mine, worrying how to make my kids understand that I WANT to hear their stories, I just want to hear them one at a time.
    2. My sweet sister bought me a massage because I helped her move. So she bought me a massage for doing what family does, which makes me feel like a jerk because I’m pretty sure that my parents bought her dinner when she drove three hours and helped me paint my (then) new house.
    Anyway, as I’m lying on the massage table I’m thinking about where to find the money in our budget to get these things more often, because of course they’re wonderful, but seriously, I will never buy one of those on my own.
    I’ll just have to wait until my sister moves again and I help her and she buys me a totally sweet gift.
    3. Back to the kids getting out of school: the summer days tend to slip away, and all these things we’d wanted to accomplish don’t get done. Simple things like painting bird houses and going to the splash park in El Dorado.
    So I’m copying the Pinterest idea of making a big poster board of all the activities, big and small, that we want to accomplish during their time off and then making a daily schedule of now it’s time for getting out of jammies, now it’s reading time, now it’s time to choose an activity off the poster board. Then maybe the days will feel more purposeful.
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    There needs to be some lazing around as well.
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