The El Dorado City Commission discussed the board openings during a special meeting Wednesday evening.

The El Dorado City Commission discussed the board openings during a special meeting Wednesday evening.

There are 11 board openings right now the commission is working to fill.

The commissioners will be looking to find some people to fill those and anyone interested can apply at City Hall. More information on the openings and the boards can be found on the city's Web site and on Channel 7. A list also could be found in Tuesday's El Dorado Times.

They will vote on renewing members during their Monday meeting and further discuss new candidates.

The next part of the meeting dealt with capital improvement projects.

"One of the big responsibilities of staff is to present you with a budget that tries to meet your expectations," said Herb Llewellyn, city manager.

The CIP is primarily big projects.

"What you're getting today is a wish list for lack of a better term," Llewellyn said. "It does not take into account what our income will be."

He said in the past, Commissions have told him not to raise the mill levy, which is something they continue to strive not to do.

"After you hear all these CIP requests, then we're going to take the step and put them in the budget," he said. "I don't think I have yet got a CIP from staff that is exactly the same as what you see in the budget. Some of this stuff is going to get pushed off."

The CIP is for the next five years.

The first fund they looked at was the airport fund. While there were no projects requested in 2014 or 2015, the following three years brought requests for rehabilitation of a runway for about $700,000, then the construction of two new parallel taxiways for $1.6 and $1.5 million. One change in these projects is they used to be funded 95-5 by the FAA and the FAA changed the city's portion to 10 percent.

Mayor Mike Fagg asked what obligations the city would have in the future for maintenance of new runways, and he was told the city would be responsible for that upkeep.

Fagg also asked if they could get the county involved with the airport to help with funding of it.

Llewellyn said he was never officially told to ask the county, but in talking to county officials in the past he was told there was no money.

There also was the CIP for the fire department for which they were requesting replacing squad two for $60,000 and a new command vehicle for the fire chief for $35,000 with the old one being repurposed as a fire investigation vehicle in 2014; an aerial platform truck in 2015 for $1,000,000 to replace the ladder truck; and replacing squad 3 in 2019 for $65,000.

Fagg asked if they could use refinery equipment on this kind of stuff.

Llewellyn said they do. The last downtown fire had three ladder trucks, El Dorado's, the refinery's and Augusta's. Now HollyFrontier has to call corporate office to get permission to assist, said Fire Marshall Joe Haag.

Fagg asked if they had a written agreement with the refinery, to which he was told they have a mutual aid agreement.

In the Prairie Trails CIP, there were requests for carpet in the basement for $30,000 in 2016 and a basement remodel for $260,000, also in 2016. They are working to get current numbers for these that would be more realistic and combine the two.

Llewellyn said if there was no reason to remodel the basement the commission would not see the project.

See more on the CIP in Saturday’s Times.