The Butler outdoor track and field team hosted the Ollie Isom Invitational on Saturday at BG Products Veterans Sports Complex.
The Butler women were led individually by Fiona Masai and Latesha Bigby, as the pair hit NJCAA national qualifying marks in individual events. Masai took first in the 1500-meter run and finished runner-up in the 800-meter run, while Bigby won the 100-meter hurdles. Bigby's time of 14.42 seconds not only qualified her for the national meet, but the mark also set a new school record. Masai and Bigby have now nationally qualified for four individual events.
Both the 4x100-meter and 4x400-meter relay teams had runner-up finishes. Jonelle Reinert, Carole Idolphine and Trisha Christmas finished 2-3-4 in the 400-meter dash. Abiane Collymore placed third behind Masai in the 800-meter run, while Cydnie Brown had a pair of fourth-place finishes in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash.
In field events, Anna-Marie Ortiz placed second in the triple jump and long jump. Josie Wright finished third in the hammer throw.
For the men, the 4x100-meter and 4x400-meter teams both took first place. Justin Breaux took second in the 100-meter dash and placed third in the 200-meter dash. Breaux's mark in the 200 (21.47 seconds) qualifies for nationals. Cameron Hampton was right behind Breaux, taking third in the 100 and fourth in the 200.
Coty Williams placed third in the 800-meter run, while Shauron Jennings (100m dash), Alfred Larry (200m dash) and Steven Calloway (400m dash) all placed fifth in their respective races.
The Isom Invitational was the last regular season meet for the Grizzlies, who will head to Great Bend next week for the Region VI Outdoor Championships. The two-day Region VI meet will begin Friday, May 3.

100m dash Justin Breaux 10.67 2nd place, Cameron Hampton 10.72 3rd place, Shauron Jennings 10.76 5th place, Richard Marcano 10.88 10th place, Freddy Gobewole 10.98, DeAundry Williams 11.04, Lonell Watkins 11.06, Adrain McElveen 11.25, Marcus Bennett     11.29, Blayze Miller 11.46     
200m dash Justin Breaux 21.47     3rd place / national qualifier, Cameron Hampton 21.54     4th place, Alfred Larry 21.57 5th place, Richard Marcano 22.47, Paris Carson 22.65, Daniel White 22.72, Blayze Miller 23.38     
400m dash Steven Calloway 49.75 5th place
800m run Coty Williams 1:55.97 3rd place, Taylor Parker 1:58.76, Adam Kelsey 2:02.05, Drake Brown 2:02.15, Dale Nuckolls 2:04.41, Cale Green 2:06.20, Israel Mendoza 2:06.82, Carlos Galindo 2:07.29     
1500m run Taylor Parker 4:14.61 5th place, Heber Jimenez 4:18.27 6th place, Mathew Komen 4:24.69 8th place, Fidel Munoz 4:25.82 9th place, Coty Willliams 4:35.62
4x100m relay Butler "A" 42.07  1st place
4x400m relay     Butler "A" 3:13.44 1st place
Javelin Alex Gardinier 181' 6" 4th place
Long jump Lonell Watkins 20' 1 3/4" 4th place, Adrain McElveen 18' 7 1/4" 7th place
Pole vault Tyler Knight 13' 3 1/2"     5th place
100m dash Cydnie Brown 12.40 4th place, Kiarra Baker 12.47 6th place, Nhaieemah Horne 12.58 7th place, Marissa Henry 13.04 9th place
200m dash Nhaieemah Horne 25.55 3rd place, Cydnie Brown 25.64 4th place, Kiarra Baker 26.04 5th place, Andrene Wells 27.12 8th place, Marissa Henry 27.31 9th place
400m dash Jonelle Reinert 59.40 2nd place, Carole Idolphine 1:01.45 3rd place, Trisha Christmas 1:01.83 4th place, Andrene Wells 1:01.92 6th place
800m run Fiona Masai 2:20.88     2nd place / national qualifier, Abiane Collymore 2:22.20 3rd place, Jill McPherron 2:41.01     
1500m run Fiona Masai 4:52.34 1st place / improved qualifier, Jill McPherron 5:53.28 6th place
5000m run Aadrian McCollum 24:54.13 4th place
100m hurdles     Latesha Bigby 14.42 1st place / national qualifier
4x100m relay     Butler "A" 48.46 2nd place
4x400m relay     Butler"A" 4:00.54 2nd place
Hammer throw Josie Wright 134' 3" 3rd plac, Brea Rice 120' 0" 8th place, Samantha Wyatt 111' 0"     
Javelin Samantha Wyatt 106' 6" 6th place
Long jump Anna-Marie Ortiz 16' 3" 2nd place, Rachael Meier 15' 1 1/4" 7th place
Shot put Brea Rice 32' 3" 7th place, Josie Wright 32' 3" 8th place
Triple jump Anna-Marie Ortiz 33' 3 3/4"     2nd place