The Wildcat golf team had their best day of the year not only for golf but the weather too winning their home invitational at Prairie Trails on Monday.
“The guys played well, it was the first time for me as a coach that all four counting scores were at or under the 80s,” said El Dorado coach Pete Cisneros.
The Wildcats shot a team score of 330 that tied with Goddard but a tie breakingfifth player score was lower for El Dorado giving them the victory.
“I knew we were capable it just seemed like we always fell just short,” said Cisneros
Travis House had a big day and put up a score of 73 to win the tournament individually for the Wildcats.
“With Travis playing well I hoped that somebody would do well to help support his score. The guys did just that, Connor Scanlon had his best day of the year with an 85, Wes Haines who has been the most consistant player of the year put up an 84, Isaac Johnson also had is best day when he put up an 88,” said Cisneros.
 The four low scores put the Wildcats in a tie with Goddard resulting in a 5th player score to break tie.
Tanner Clites brotke the tie  with a 90, Goddard’s 5th man shot an 94.
“I was very pleased with Tanner's performance 90 is not a great score but his front 9 was a 49 then he comes back on second nine to card a 41, that shows me that Tanner had some mental toughness that we all need as a team,” said Cisneros, “This was a great confidence builder for the team it shows to them that if they come together good things are going to happen.”