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  • Similarities to Nazi Germany?

  • Perhaps we Americans should re-study the reign of Hitler in Germany.
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  • dear editor:
    perhaps we americans should re-study the reign of hitler in germany. hitler persuaded or intimidated the churches to take care of their churches and he would take care of germany and the people. the few who spoke up against him were imprisoned or murdered. when the trains were pulling cattle cars filled with jewish men, women and children to their deaths, the churches only sang louder to drown out their cries! in pennsylvania, u.s.a. an abortion doctor is on trial for the murder of babies who survived a botched attempt of abortion based on charges of a grand jury investigation. furthermore, the grand jury was aghast when they inspected his facility. blood and filth everywhere and strewn with severed hands, feet and body parts of murdered babies! our major news sources are not reporting the truth. wichita’s old abortion facility is re-opening with a doctor from chicago flying in to perform the abortions. why? because no kansas doctor would agree to perform the abortions. god bless our kansas doctors!
    - gary job, el dorado

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