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  • Our heater is out.
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  • Our heater is out. The very nice repair guy came about two weeks ago, jiggled something, put in a new part then took it out, and it was fixed for about a day and a half before quitting again, just like the very nice repair guy said it might. And he said that if it did quit to call his company because the service call would be free but he’d have to install a part that had too many zeroes in its price tag; he was very nicely trying to save us some major cash.
    And you guys? It’s April. APRIL. And not only is it April, but it’s now the end of April, and Hubby and I would rather spend that much money on fixing up our yard or a vacation or just let it sit in the bank til the fall when we can’t put off the heater any longer. Because we shouldn’t have to be using our heater right now, SOMEBODY TELL MOTHER NATURE. And we are also hoping for one of those specials over the summer where you buy an air conditioner (Which we should probably invest in one of those. Ours is avocado green, I kid you not.) and get the furnace for a discounted rate.
    So we’ve been using my sister’s space heaters. One in the kids’ room at night, one in our room, and then we carry them around with us during the day. Which is kind of a pain, you know? And so for the first couple of days this week I took the lazy way and sat my bottom on my couch with a blanket pulled up around me while Baby Chickadee played and danced in the room with me, space heater trucking along nicely beside us.
    But that nonsense can only go on for so long. There are only so many hours where you can sit and do nothing before the guilt of your husband working hard, your kids studying hard, while you’re lazing around gets to you and so Wednesday with the weather’s combination of making me scrape my windows in the morning (HELLO IT’S APRIL, MOTHER NATURE) and gloriously allowing us to play at the park after school pushed me out of my blanket cocoon and into normal activity once again. Apparently it also pushed me into run-on sentences.
    Wednesday night I cooked treats for the kids, swept the floors, did the dishes, dusted the downstairs. Normal activities, yes, but after my hours upon hours of laying around, I felt like a rockstar with my energy spike.
    For the week I’m going for a balance of working and not working, as opposed to when I try to maintain that balance each day, which means a lot of cleaning and activity will have to occur to make up for the two days of doing nothing.
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    Erin Fox is a weekly columnist for the Augusta Gazette. Her popular blog - erin’s little corner can also be found on our webpage, www.augustagazette.com.
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