Mayor's Prayer Breakfast on May 2

In addition to the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast on May 2, community members will come together at noon at the Butler County Courthouse for a time of prayer on this National Day of Prayer.

This year, organizer Jean Plummer hopes to be able to circle the courthouse with people.

"The first year we did it," she said, "I think we did circle the courthouse."

But they have not had enough people since then to do that.

Plummer hopes to change that this year.

"Last year, a lady came from Augusta and said 'why don't we include the whole county,'" she said.

This year, Plummer is extending a special invitation to the entire county to participate.

"I think particularly, the timing seems kind of incredible with the Boston bombing and we realize we are in peril in this country from the enemy, which can be our neighbors," she said.

They will pray for the government, asking for wisdom for the leaders at all levels of government to lead the country in the right direction, as well as pray for others in the community and nation.

"I know the importance of prayer in healing and everything else," said Plummer, who is a cancer survivor.

They will meet at noon at the courthouse. If there is a large enough group, following circling the courthouse, the people can gather in smaller groups to pray together.

There is no formal program for the event and Plummer said it does not take long, so people can still have time for lunch.

"I want to make it possible for everyone to come and be a part of that and participate if they want to," Plummer said.

Tickets also are available for the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast which will be held at 7 a.m. that day at the Civic Center. Contact the Chamber of Commerce at 321-3502 for reservations. Tickets are $7.