Reader thinks gun control is about people control.

To the Gazette:

I would like to reply to Phyllis Stanley who wrote on 4/16 about the strange fixation on guns.

Dear Ms. Stanley. Sadly you are mistaken in your belief that the government "has no interest in taking rifles, pistols, or shotguns..." There are many elements in our government that would do that in a heartbeat if they had the chance. If you doubt that you have not paid attention to the likes of Pilosi, Feinstein, or Bloomberg. Keeping your tools for hunting is a red herring that the gun control crowd has you following to keep you from understanding the truth.

Gun control is about people control. The second amendment was purposely engineered to guarantee a free society the means to resist tyranny and oppression. It has nothing to do with hunting one whit. A disarmed society must bend to the will of the government when they can no longer resist.

Do you think that if the people of China were as well armed as Americans that the government officials could come into their homes and forcibly drug the pregnant women to abort their children in order to enforce their one child rule? Do you think if the Egyptian Christians were as well armed as Americans they would continue to hide underground as the "Brotherhood" government watches their churches burn just because they worship God differently? Do you think if the Afgan people were as well armed as Americans they would have to put up with the Tali-ban burning schools and shooting children to keep the females from being educated?

Gun confiscation has happened in many countries and it can happen here. Taking away the means to resist is the goal of gun control, period.

Unfortunately society does not know how to control insane people. But pursuing the sane ones will not solve that problem.

Larry Novak