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  • Letter to the Editor: Strange fixation on guns should be addressed

  • Should we just throw caution to the wind and allow all kinds of weapons to be sold?
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  • To the Gazette:
    The argument that the second amendment is in jeopardy if assault weapons are made illegal is ridiculous. Some alarmed right-wingers fear that banning assault weapons is the first step toward total confiscation of the millions of guns that seem to be stock-piled in too many homes throughout the U.S.A. The government has no intention of taking rifles, pistols or shotguns that are used in hunting or personal protection.
    Is it logical to think the government would have the manpower or the funds to knock on doors throughout the country demanding all guns.?
    The writers of the second amendment may have known about blunderbuss' and muskets-which were often unreliable as firearms. But they would probably be alarmed at the way the second amendment is being interpreted by some today The framers of the Constitution wanted a well-armed militia-but would probably be appalled if they could have foreseen today's citizens being armed to the teeth with dangerous assault weapons.
    Should we just throw caution to the wind and allow all kinds of weapons to be sold? A reader in another local paper mused that he would like hand grenades to be legal because he is visually impaired. (I assume he was joking.)
    It is true that mental health issues of people prone to violence needs a lot more attention (and funding). While searching for mental health cures, the rampant paranoia and strange fixation on guns in this country should be addressed also.
    Phyllis Stanley
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