Favorite design now goes to City Council for approval.

The Augusta City Council and Parks Board were hoping to collect residents’ opinions on which type of design to use when replacing the equipment in Garvin Park.

After the equipment that had been in the park was determined to be unsafe last year and had to be removed, the city – with help from Gary and Myrna Rogers – received a grant to fund half of the cost of a new park.

When the grant was received and the rest of the funds were in place, three potential designs were selected and presented for public consideration.

Only a handful of residents came to Thursdays meeting and a few more came by City Hall to vote for their favorite during the day.

In all, 37 votes were cast.

Twenty-one of those chose the first option with the addition of swing sets. Other than option one, the next most popular design received only seven votes.

So the Parks Board agreed that this design is the one that will be presented for City Council approval Monday night.

If the council approves the design, the process can begin quickly to order the equipment and begin preparing the location for the playground and parking lot.

The surface below the equipment will not be the standard mulch area. There will be a soft “poured-in-place” surface that will be durable and safe.

In addition to the extra option of swing sets, the chosen design will feature three large slides and climbing areas for children 5-12. There is also a small toddler-oriented area that will be fun for younger children.