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I am confused about the article in the Q & A Times Journal, “What’s New Now,” by Charlie Traffas. I read his article and was horrified! I can’t believe we have hate mongrels like him. I will trash all future Q & A Times enclosed with the Gazette.


Ask any practicing Hindu and they will tell you that yoga is Hindusim. Each yoga pose offers and represents worship to one of many Hindu gods. So why are Augusta USD 402 educators and coaches leading our students and athletes in these types of Biblical forbidden practices? Read 1 Corinthians 10:14 and 10:20. Do the research! The origin and intent of yoga is clearly defined. You can not twist the meaning of what yoga is in your heart or mind to mean something different. What happened to good old fashion stretching and agilities?


It’s a shame that no one in District 3 ran for School Board. Can’t we just keep Larry Winter on the board? He’s such a sensible man and actually wants to serve.

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