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  • Student success is priority for Augusta BOE

  • Augusta High School Principal Donna Zerr outlined some of the steps being taken to provide support to students who are not passing.
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  • Members of the Augusta Board of Education have stated that student failure should not be an option and they wish to identify options for intervention and support for struggling students.
    The state requires 80 percent of the seniors to pass and Augusta is at 91 percent.
    Augusta High School Principal Donna Zerr outlined some of the steps being taken to provide support to those who are not passing.
    She explained what defines success for a student and included indicators for failure. The three outstanding indicators are attendance, behavior and course completion.
    Zerr explained, “Attendance is not our issue and behavior is not a big issue, either. Our biggest indicator here is too many zeros - kids are not completing their work. Why not? Is it too hard? Are we lacking in resources? Is the work relevant? What do we do when they fail to turn in the work? What are the consequences?”
    She further added that some teachers will allow students to turn in assignments late as long as they complete the work - the teachers feel it’s relevant. Other teachers will not accept work that is late, as they feel the student should not be lazy in completing the tasks.
    “We want to get on the same page. We are tracking this now and will set targets and goals,” she advised.
    Some additions for next year will be an actual MTSS/Reading class for freshman, which will help target freshmen who might be struggling. Another important addition will be math assistance courses, which will be paired with Algebra I and assist courses for other subjects will most likely be offered in the future.
    Zerr is encouraged about the required seminar every day for students next year. She explained that seminar is being “redone, revamped and revised.” Seminar will most likely be called by a different name and additional incentives, along with practical applications will be provided to the students for success.
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