Eleven teachers and librarians received checks from PIE’s Prize Patrol delivering grants to schools on Monday.

Eleven teachers and librarians received checks from PIE’s Prize Patrol delivering grants to schools on Monday.  

They distributed $6,451.08 from endowed and private funds, according to Lou Clennan and Barbara Dankert, Allocations Committee co-chairs.  

“We were so pleased with the quality of the grants submitted,” said Dankert, “and although we were able to partially or fully fund most of them, PIE is pursuing funds from other resources for the one unfunded grant.”   

The selection process goes like this: each grant is submitted without the applicant’s name or school; copies are distributed to each committee member in advance for review; using a rubric, grants are critiqued and awarded points by each member; then the committee meets, compares scores, and determines the winners, which this spring are:  

Linette Liby and Page Pound at El Dorado Middle School:  “Nets Make It Easy,” from the Sara Luehrs, Cheryl Campbell, Academic and PIE Unrestricted funds.  

Luana Lewis, Jefferson and Lincoln Librarian: “Shall I Compare Thee?,” from Westar, Clennan 3R, Class of 1953, and Intrust Bank funds.

Taryn O’Brien, Skelly Elementary—two grants:  “More Starfall: Bigger and Better, Part III,”  from David Clymer, Miscellaneous Memorials, PIE Unrestricted, and Private funds; and “The Core of the Common Core,” from Mary Kay Connell History, Unrestricted, and Private funds.

Tonya Cogan, Jefferson Elementary:  “Twin Texts,” from Walmart, Private, and PIE Unrestricted funds.

Wendy Goldsmith, Skelly and Grandview Music:  “Music Composition Using the iPad,” from Cox Communications, Al Chambers, Technology, PIE Unrestricted, and Private funds.

Amanda Yager and Kim Barb, Jefferson Elementary:  “Numbers Worlds,” from the Sara Luehrs Memorial Fund.

Cathie Rollings, Lincoln Elementary:  “STORIA: The Expanding Library,” from the Academic fund. 

Nancy Wagner, Grandview Elementary Librarian—two grants:  “Chapter by Chapter, Teach Me To Read,” from El Dorado Charities, Hazel Cook, Intrust Bank, and Miscellaneous Memorial funds; and “E-Books: The Digital Way to Enjoy Reading!” from Private funds.

Angela Glaves, Jefferson and Lincoln Elementaries:  “Second Step Program,” from the Hazel Cook, Steve Pershall, and the El Dorado Clinic Health Education funds.

Grants are awarded twice a year, spring and fall.