Consider how children change their attitudes toward their parents.

The purpose of the home is to prepare individuals for life’s relationships.

Children should treasure their time spent with their parents. Parents should treasure the time they have with their children, for the time will come when the children leave home and begin their life. But for now, consider how children change their attitudes toward their parents!

Age 4: “My parents can do anything.”

Age 8: “There might be one or two things they don’t understand.”

Age 12: “Naturally, my parents don’t understand.”

Age 14: “I never realized how hopelessly old fashioned they are.”

Age 21: “You would expect them to feel that way - they are out of date.”

Age 25: “They come up with a good idea now and then.

Age 30: “I wonder what Mom and Dad think I should do?”

Age 40: “Let’s be patient until we discuss it with our parents.”

Age 50: “What would Mom and Dad have thought about it?”

Age 60: “I wish I could talk it over with them one more time.”

Scripture teaches us: “Children, obey our parents in the Lord, for this is right.” (Ephesians 6:1).

Michael Harmon is the minister of the Augusta Church of Christ.